POSTED ON March 23, 2015 | IN Wine Photo of the Day | BY Joe Becerra
Buehler Vineyards

View from Buehler Vineyards at the base of Howell Mountain

Off the beaten path in the Napa Valley

It is always fun to explore areas off the beaten path in the Napa Valley. In the photo we see the estate property at Buehler Vineyards. Buehler is tucked away on the eastern side of the Napa Valley heading up to the Vaca Mountain hillsides. The road is curvy but you will travel through some wonderful countryside scenery. At Buehler’s estate vineyards it is mostly about Cabernet Sauvignon. The hillsides provide the ideal climate for growing Cabernet. Tours and tastings are available at Buehler by appointment only. The family lives on the property so, in a sense, when visiting Buehler you will be in the family’s backyard. By the way, the wines are wonderful and reasonably priced. The family purchased the property in the early 1970’s. Just a short distance beyond Buehler Vineyards is another family-owned winery, Amizetta Estate Winery.  Amizetta also has tours and tastings by appointment only. The wines at Amizetta are in the high-end category, but so tasty. In the case of Buehler and Amizetta, the chances are very good that the tour and tasting will be led by family members. The added benefit to making the trek to these two wineries is that you are likely to be the only ones visiting the winery at that particular time. It is always nice to get away from the Napa Valley crowds.

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