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Are you getting ready to travel to the Napa Valley? Here are four books on the Napa Valley that we think you might enjoy. Two are non-fiction books that give an excellent account of the history of Napa Valley, and the other two are light mysteries that take place in the Napa Valley. Choose one and enjoy reading poolside at your hotel or in the library room of your comfortable B&B.

Napa: The Story of an American Eden by James Conaway
In our opinion this is the best account of all the pioneering and principle wine owners, winemakers, landowners, and growers in the early days of the Napa Valley. Conaway does have a sequel but his first book is the place to start. It is extremely interesting and enlightening.

The House of Mondavi: The Rise and Fall of an American Dynasty by Julia Flynn Siler
We have had two previous blog posts on this book and the author Julia Flynn Siler. It is by far the most complete account of Robert Mondavi and his wine business and family. What a great idea to be reading the book while visiting the Robert Mondavi Winery, now owned by wine conglomerate Constellation Brands.

Sharp Shooter and Death by the Glass by Nadia Gordon
These are two light reading mystery books and perhaps both a little far fetched, but both a fun read. The central character is Sunny McCloskey who is the chef and owner of Wildside Café. In both books Sunny becomes the sleuth attempting to solve a murder, much to the chagrin of the local police. The fun part about the book is the Napa Valley angle where good wine and food are much the focal point of the lives of all the characters. If you know Napa well, you’ll start thinking about who the characters and places in the books could be in real life.

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