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Ceja Vineyards To Open Tasting Room in Napa

One of our favorite wineries for many reasons is Ceja Vineyards. But, it is hidden and off the beaten path and only open by appointment. It is located at the very east end of Carneros. This Mexican family winery is making some great wines. While strolling along the streets of Napa we noticed a storefront with the Ceja logo. Sure enough, Ceja is set to open a tasting room in Napa any day now. We hope it flies, their wines are delicious but on the expensive side. The tasting room will be at 1248 First Street, Napa.

Duckhorn Vineyards

duckhorn vineyards

Duckhorn is celebrating its 30th year as a winery. Unfortunately, the Duckhorn’s sold off the major interest in the wineries this past year. As we drove by the Duckhorn winery on Lodi Lane a couple of weeks ago, we noticed one of those official and legal signs posted by the Alcohol and Tobacco folks, a notice of intent to sell alcoholic beverages. The PR folks are hard at work to make it appear things will be the same at this landmark winery and producer of award winning Merlot.


We were disappointed to find the Gordon’s, a favorite locals restaurant, has still not reopened. It looks identical to the unhappy state it was in six months ago when we last peeked in. Leslie Judd of Judd wines, Dean & DeLuca, and Oakville grocery purchased Gordon’s and plans to reopen it. Later in the day, while we were shopping for a deli lunch at the original Oakville grocery in Oakville, we asked the manager about Gordon’s. She said: “It will open around the Spring of 2008.” Let’s hope so and that it is just as good and homey as before.

Viansa sold out of Bankruptcy

viansa winery

This beautiful Tuscan style winery on Highway 121 in Carneros has been in serious financial trouble for the past several years. Basically, the place was mismanaged and owes a lot of money to a lot of people. We never could understand why the place is so popular. There are so many better wineries to visit nearby. Viansa is just too touristy for us. The winery building and the surrounding vineyards are beautiful but that is about it. The new owners are a hedge fund, so who knows what will become of Viansa.

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