Napa Valley Cabernet in November


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Joe Becerra

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Napa Valley Cabernet November
Napa Valley Cabernet November
The remnants of the 2014 harvest in the Napa Valley

Napa Valley Cabernet in November

This is the same St. Helena vineyard I have been photographing since May. Napa Valley Cabernet in November is entering its dormant stage. The vines will now sleep until the warmth of the Spring days beckons the vines to once again do their magic and produce grapes for wine. Not much work is done in the vineyards in November. Pruning is usually done in the late Winter. In this particular vineyard, the vineyard management team is getting ready for what they hope will be a rainy winter. Trenches are being dug to direct the water to accumulate for well water. Now is a good time to visit the wine country for two reasons. The Fall colors are dramatic. There are far fewer tourists in the Napa Valley at this time of the year. The exception is the Thanksgiving Weekend, which marks the last hurrah for the tourist season in wine country.

Additional Information on the St. Helena area of the Napa Valley

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