Monte Rosso Vineyard in Sonoma


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Monte Rosso vineyard
Monte Rosso vineyard
Monte Rosso – one of California’s top vineyards

Monte Rosso Vineyard in Sonoma

Monte Rosso Vineyard is one of the top vineyards in California. It is also one of the best-kept secrets in the world of wine. The vineyard dates back to 1880 when Emmanuel Goldstein planted the first grapes at Monte Rosso (Red Mountain). The vineyard was later purchased by Louis M. Martini. The Louis Martini winery was sold to the Gallo Family in 2002, who now own and operate this vineyard. The vineyard terroir makes for a unique characteristic for the wines produced from its grapes. The red volcanoic soil and its mountain-top elevation create wines with a distinctive sense of place. Cabernet and Zinfandel make up the majority of the vineyards at Monte Rosso. Most of the vines go into the making of the premium wines of Louis Martini. If you visit Louis M Martini winery in Saint Helena, perhaps you will be lucky enough to taste their Monte Rosso Cabernet Sauvignon. It is an amazing wine. There are a handful of other wineries that are able to purchase some amounts of Monte Rosso grapes to make small lots of Monte Rosso wine. These include Sabragia, Carlisle, Bedrock, Biale and Charter Oak. Unfortunately for wine country travelers, the vineyard is not open to visitors. It is located on Mount Pisgah, near the town of Aqua Caliente in the Sonoma Valley.

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  1. Recently had a Monte Rosso Cab from Cameron Hughes and it was fantastic. Where he got the juice I will never know but it is the real deal. If you can get a Monte Rosso Cab or Zin for $30 jump on it. The cost of the fruit per ton and production makes that price reasonable. Drinking wine from this vineyard is an experience like you have not had before– it is all about place which give the deep berry and earth aroma and flavors. Get together with some friends and spring for a bottle and enjoy it with a quality dinner- you will thank yourself for the pleasure in the bottle.

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