May is Wine Country Time in Umbria


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Joe Becerra

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umbria wine country in may
umbria wine country in may
This is the Niconne Valley in Umbria

May is wine country time in Umbria

This photo was taken in vineyards in the Niconne Valley in Umbria, near the town of Umbertide. Many experienced travelers say that May is wine country time in Umbria. The days are comfortable, the rains are few and far between, and the the greenery abounds throughout the land. This is a vineyard owned by one of the small local wineries. We visited here several years ago and hiked through these vineyards. We also packed a picnic lunch and sat among the vines, sharing a wonderful bottle of red wine from one of the local wine shops. Unlike the vineyards of the Napa Valley or Sonoma, most of the wineries do not seem to mind if you stroll through the vineyards. We saw several folks hiking at various times in the vineyards of Umbria. We even noticed a few mountain bikers. In Umbria, there are plenty of farmhouses to rent by the week. Umbria is next to Tuscany, but much less traveled. The wineries are spread out more, but there is plenty of chance to visit them. A side trip to Tuscany is always an option for those lodging in an Umbrian farmhouse.

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