POSTED ON March 27, 2022 | IN Napa Valley | BY Joe Becerra
Beringer Vineyard

Napa Valley Wine Tasting Index

Planning trip to the Napa Valley? Be sure to include wine tasting fees in your expenses. Realize that wine tasting fees will take a big chunk out of your budget.

For 2022 we’ve seen a significant increase for travelers to sit down and taste wine at a winery. Many wineries are offering lavish types of wine tasting experiences beyond a basic tasting of four or five wines. Wineries find that a wine and food pairing menu, vineyards walks, and tours attract more tourists and is more profitable. One significant change since COVID is that most wineries require a reservation. Drop-in visits are no longer the norm.  

We list the tasting fees for ten wineries along Highway 29 in the Napa Valley. For purposes of the index, we are listing the price of an entry-level tasting.

Napa Valley Tasting Room Index 2022

These wine tasting fees represent the entry-level wine tasting.

Back in 2020, just before the start of the Pandemic, the average tasting fee for a basic tasting for this set of wineries was $32.50. Today, the average is $54 per person. We are providing links to each winery. Tasting fees and tasting procedures are in a fluid state.  Be sure to book your tasting reservations long before your trip to the Napa Valley.  

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  1. Bob Drucker says

    Great information on Calif wine tasting. It’ really disappointing to read your comments and discouraging for
    people who love to drink good wine. Maybe, when the tasting rooms are empty things will change. But,
    not likely. It was so much fun to go wine tasting in recent years, but not now. We will have to adjust
    using suggestions from Joe.

    Great article