POSTED ON September 18, 2014 | IN Wine Photo of the Day | BY Joe Becerra
harvest cabernet

On York Lane in St. Helena, harvesting Cabernet Sauvignon

Harvesting Cabernet Sauvignon on a rainy morning

On this September morning a light rain fell throughout the Napa Valley. It did not stop the harvest of this Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard near York Lane in St. Helena. A crew of ten workers roamed the rows of vineyards working swiftly and efficiently. I spoke with the crew chief, Carlos, and he told me that the light rain would not have any effect on the grapes. Carlos said the crew would work until mid morning and would finished harvesting half the vineyard. The second half of the vineyard will be picked on Friday. The vineyards belong to Dr.Madaiah Revana a cardiologist who practices in Houston, Texas. Additional information can be found on the Revana Family Vineyards Website.

Beautiful orchestration of the harvest on York Lane in St. Helena