Happy Thanksgiving and How to Carve a Turkey


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Joe Becerra

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Carving the Turkey

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. We always host Thanksgiving dinner and this year we will have 18 people in our dining room. Putting a Thanksgiving dinner together is a challenge. Preparation and organization are a “must” so that everything comes to the table hot and cooked to perfection. But for me, the most difficult task on this day is carving the turkey. I do two things to get this right. I have my two knives sharpened at our local hardware store and I watch this video on Thursday morning. I think it is the best video that shows how to carve a turkey. Here it is and I hope you enjoy your day of Turkey with your family and friends.

The Butcher Caves a Turkey – New York Times

Wines for Thanksgiving

With 16 guests, we have 18 different palates. Some like oaky and big Chardonnays, others want sparkling wine, and some prefer big full-bodied red wines. That is why I open several varietals of wine and let people choose what they like. Here is my list of wines.

Domain Chandon Brut
Robert Mondavi 2009 Napa Valley Chardonnay
San Pedro 1865 Sauvignon Blanc 2011 Chile
Montemaggiore 2010 Rosé
Cedarville 2009 Grenache
Mauritson 2009 Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel

My nephew Tom is a big fan of Burgundy wines and will certainly provide us with at least a couple of bottles of outstanding quality. I will be sure Tom is sitting at my end of the table. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

How to carve a turkey
Nice job of carving a turkey
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