Flat Iron Restaurant in Calistoga


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Joe Becerra

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Flat Iron Grill is one of three restaurants in Calistoga owned by the same partners. They also own Brannan’s and Checkers, both on the next block down from Flat Iron on Lincoln Ave. Brannan’s is more upscale than Flat Iron and Checkers is more a beer and pizza place.

We dined at Flat Iron on a Monday night, the last week of October. Calistoga was very quiet this evening and we had no trouble getting a table at Flat Iron. There are two seating areas at Flat Iron. The main dining area looks out into the main street of Calistoga. It is lit elegantly and has a very cozy feel to it. A second dining area runs the hallway and to the back. At first we were seated in the hallway area. We found that too far away from the action and a little bit isolated. We requested a change and we were moved to the front area of the dining room where the atmosphere was much more inviting and pleasant.

Janelle ordered the fish and chips and Joe had a shrimp pasta dish. We shared a mixed green salad. The fish and chips looked very unappealing with a greasy-looking deep fried batter surrounding the fish. The shrimp pasta was decent but did not stand out. We found the wine list to be short, with almost all California wines. Service was good, but overall we felt something was missing to our night of fine dining.

The Good: The decor in the area facing the street is very appealing. The restaurant has a fashionable feel to it.
The Bad: Food average, limited wine list.

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