POSTED ON December 3, 2015 | IN Wine Photo of the Day | BY Joe Becerra
December wine country getaway

Crisp and clear days are wonderful in the Napa Valley

December wine country getaway

Most wine lovers avoid the months of December and January in wine country. The weather is cold and unpredictable. But here is the thing about a December wine country getaway. There are no crowds and the pace is much less hectic. It is a laid-back atmosphere, and there’s more chance to take in the beauty and serenity of our wonderful wine county. In December, you will find that the tasting rooms are much less crowded. The same can be said about the restaurants. Both lunch and dinner reservations should be easy to find. If you live close enough, sometimes a last-minute day trip is in order. If the weather looks inviting, head to wine country for the day. The wine country is so beautiful on a clear and crisp day! Some days, it is even warm enough for a picnic among the vineyards. In the photo above, we see the historic Oakville Grocery in the Napa Valley. It is the perfect place to picnic on a bright day. Grab some grub and wine at the Oakville Grocery and head out back to the picnic tables.

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