POSTED ON July 2, 2014 | IN Wine Photo of the Day | BY Joe Becerra
concrete fermenting egg

This is a 500 gallon concrete egg used at the Andis Winery in Amador County

About the concrete  egg for fermenting and aging wine

Concrete tanks in rectangular cubes for fermenting and aging wine have been in wide use in the old-world wine countries for ages. It is only in recent times that an oval-shaped concrete tank has come onto the winemaking scene. The oval shape means no dead corners with more even skin exposure. The concrete egg in the photo belongs to the Andis Winery. The Andis Winery started in 2010 and is located on the Shenandoah Road Wine Trail near the town of Plymouth. The Andis Winery is a stunning winery with a very modern style of architecture.  It is quite a different look from the wineries in this Sierra Foothills wine region. This concrete egg can be used for fermenting or storing wine. When we visited the Andis Winery a year ago,  the concrete egg was being used to age Cabernet Franc. According to the winemaker at Andis, the concrete-aging Cabernet Franc is more lively and bright flavored than Cabernet Franc aged in oak barrels. This egg holds 500 gallons and was made to specifications for the Andis Winery. Expect to see more of these concrete eggs in various gallon sizes. Is it a fad or will it take hold and replace stainless steel and oak for fermenting and aging?

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