POSTED ON October 23, 2011 | IN Italy | BY Joe Becerra

The Caparsa Estate was the smallest of the wineries we visited on our Chianti Classico excursion and is owned by artisan winemaker Paolo Cianferoni. This was my favorite winery among the many we visited. The wineries were all wonderful and with great character, but the Caparsa winery is one I will not forget. Perhaps I see myself in the roll as Paolo making my own wine working the vineyards organically and selecting the finest grapes to go into my wine. If I owned a winery, I would tend to the land and make wine just like Paolo.

Paolo Cianferoni

Paolo’s winery is located in the Rodda countryside on top of a hillside affording a beautiful setting with specular vineyard views. He lives and makes his wine in the same Tuscan-style structure. He and his partner Gianna have five children and as his family grew so did his home, with Paolo adding rooms. When Paolo talks about his wine it is with pride and passion, expounding on how his wine is food and to be consumed with food. As with any food, it should be pure and free of pesticides, and be healthy and that is why he farms organically.

Home and Wine Cellar

Paolo poured two vintages for us, the 2007 and the 2000. Both are delicious but the 2000 showed how well good Chianti Classico wines can age. We savored this wine and over the course of half an hour the wine changed and opened up to more delicious aromas and flavors. The good news is that Poalo tells us his wine is exported to the U.S. I will certainly shop for this wine and when I drink it, l I will think of Paolo and his beautiful home and vineyards. That will make the wine taste even more delicious.

Can you imagine this style tasting room in the Napa Valley?


  1. Alexandre L. de Rezende says

    We just came back from a month-long stay in a rented house/old farm in Radda. The estate we were in was bordering Caparsa Estate and we sure had the chance to be there for a long talk with Paolo and taste the same wines than you plus some others – 2003, 2005 and 2008. I just want to register that I (as well as my wife) fullt agree with the views you guys had. This is pure garage natural winemaking with knowledge. He just wants to do what he is doing, that is it. We travel all around the world to wine countries and be it in California with Robert Young (when we were there) or with Carlos Pestrana in Priorato or there with Paolo, this is pure wine life-making and with great end results. Congrats to all of them.

    • Joe says

      Lucky you that you had a month stay in Radda. We also love the small producers who have the passion for doing what is right. Your email makes us want to be in Chianti immediately.
      Thanks for your comment.