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This is a look inside the Bonny Doon tasting room in Davenport. The tasting room is on Highway 1 about ten miles north of Santa Cruz. Bonny Doon opened its oceanside tasting room in November 2013. The Bonny Doon Vineyards production facilities continue to operate near Swift Street in Santa Cruz where the former tasting room was located.  Randall Graham is the owner and winemaker. Randall was one of the first vintners in California to focus on Rhone-Style wines. He is one of our most respected vintners. His wines are known to be made in a restraind style and to be food friendly. He continues to experiment with different grape varietals and blending compositions. For example, there are two sparkling wines that are different and intriguing. These are a sparkling Albariño and a sparkling Syrah. I have yet to find anyone else producing these two varietals of sparkling wines. Randall abandoned the cork closure several years ago and with his “tongue and cheek” style held a formal funeral to put the corks to rest. All the Bonny Doon wines use a screw top.  The tasting room is warm and welcoming and the staff highly knowledgeable. The tasting room is open daily 11am. to 5pm.  Next door to the Bonny Doon tasting room is the Davenport Roadhouse Inn and Restaurant. It is a great dining spot and they will waive the corkage fee upon request on any bottle of Bonny Doon wine.

Other wineries in the area are the Beauregard Vineyards at 10 Pine Flat Road and then ten miles away in Santa Cruz on Swift Street are a set of warehouse style wineries. They have tagged themselves the Surf City Vintners.

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  1. Quick edit for those looking to visit this Tasting Room… Important to note that the location is 450 Highway ONE (1), along the Central Coast, between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz. Very different than Hwy 101!

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