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Here we are at yet another one of those BevMo 5 Cent sales, buy one bottle at the regular price and get the second bottle for a measly 5 cents. We did a little digging into the sale to see if the wines are a good bargain.

First off, you need to be in the BevMo’s “Club Bev” to take advantage of any BevMo sale. If you don’t belong you can enroll when you make your purchase, and magically the computer will recalculate your bill with the sale prices.


BevMo vs. BevMo
Have you ever wondered if the BevMo 5 Cent Sale is a better deal than their regular everyday prices? I checked a few of their wines on sale to make a comparison. The Tapiz winery in Argentina makes very good everyday wines. BevMo has a huge contract with Tapiz and probably no other retailer gets as good a price as BevMo. The normal price of the Tapiz Merlot at BevMo is $17.99. If you are a Club Bev member (who is not if they shop at BevMo?) the price is $9.99. During the 5 Cent Sale, the Tapiz Merlot is $17.99 but the second bottle is 5 Cents. That works out to $9.02 a bottle, a savings of almost $1.00 from their everyday price. Not bad, but of course you do have to buy the wine in pairs to get the 5-Cent deal.

Here is another one: The Club Bev price for Zolo Gaucho Chardonnay is $9.99. During the 5 Cent sale the price is $15.99 and when you buy the wine in pairs the average price is $8.02. That is a big savings from the $9.99.

BevMo vs. Other Retailers
Now let’s try and compare these 5-Cent sale wines with the prices they are selling for elsewhere. I used Wine-Searcher.com, Snooth, and WineZap to compare the wine prices. For Tapiz Merlot, the average price at other wine shops is $15. The Zolo Gaucho Chardonnay average price is also $15 at other stores. I also plugged in Chalone Merlot 2005. At BevMo this wine is $29.99 for the first bottle and 5 cents for the second, average price gets down to $15. Elsewhere this wine is selling for $28 to $30. So bottom line, BevMo gives a great deal on these three wines.

BevMo and Obscure Labels
Many of the wines on sale are obscure labels. In other words, you don’t find many of these wines elsewhere. So it must be that BevMo has secured exclusive contracts with many of these unheard of wines. For example, I did search on the above three Websites for Sonoma Landing Merlot and Harding Estate Riesling. No results showed up on any of the three websites for these two wines. Nor did I find a Website for any of these two wineries. What I did discover is that Sonoma Landing label belongs to Bronco Wine Company of “Charles Shaw” fame. I’m not going to take a chance and buy any wine I can’t get information about.

BevMo wines not at bargain prices
When you shop at BevMo it is easy to get the idea that every wine is on sale or at a bargain price. There are plenty of big-name labels at BevMo that you are not going to get the best price on. For example; Sobon Rocky Top Zinfandel gets a lot of press about being a terrific value. At BevMo it sells for $14.99 but at K&L Wines it sells for $12.99. Robert Parker recently rated Louis Martini Sonoma Cabernet at 90 points. It is $15.99 at BevMo but it is $11.99 at Costco. Sequoia Grove 06 Cabernet is $36.99 at BevMo but $29.99 at K&L Wines. To get bargains, you need to know your prices and your wines.

Tips for the 5 Cent Sale
The best thing to do is comparison shop using the websites I mentioned above.
If you don’t know the wine, don’t take a risk on buying a shipload even if Wilfred Wong or Robert Parker say it’s 90 points. Buy one or two bottles to try.
BevMo has scheduled a tasting of their sale wines at several of their stores. This is a great opportunity to find out if you like the wines.
Get together with friends and buy different wines to try. If you love the wine go back for more. Warning: My friend and I once split a case of one of the wines at the BevMo 5 Cent Sale. He picked up the wine and when he delivered the wine he told me that he had kept all the five-cent wines for himself and I had all the $17.99 wines. What a friend!

What we like and do not like at BevMo’s 5 Cent Sale
These are the wines we tried that are included in the sale.
I like all the Tapiz wines from Argentina and all the Montgras wines from Chile. These all are terrific wines and most are part of the BevMo 5 Cent Sale.
The Powder Keg Syrah is a good deal at $10.02 for two bottles.
I tried the Wattle Creek Kristine’s Cuvee from Yorkville Highlands. It is a good wine but it is priced just right at about $10 a bottle.
The Martin Codax Albariño was disappointing. The wine is a little old, 2007. I found it had lost the refreshing flavors of what we immensely enjoy in an Albariño wine.
Tell us if you have found any terrific bargains at the BevMo 5 Cent Sale.

  • Joe Becerra

    Joe Becerra has been traveling to wine country and enjoying wine since 1965. He is a retired educator, and now have the time the opportunity to share his wine travel experiences through this Website.

5 thoughts on “BevMo 5 Cent Sale, Bargains Yes or No & Other Thoughts”

  1. Your review was on the money. BevMo, clears a lot of wine for wineries which are at the end of their sales cycle. Always look for vintage dates in wines which do not age well. Two for one (5 cents) only works if the price is more than 10% better.. Taste prior to buying if possilble. Attend their tastings and judge for yourself. Prices on the shelf go up and down, so you need to know the price of your favorite wine..
    Discount stores have to make money and often do this with closeouts and private labels. (Bronco, etc.) EXCELLENT BLOG…..

  2. Thank you for the tips on the websites to compare costs. I have been to BevMo a couple times this month buying new wines to try and I found the Sonoma Landing Pinot Noir to be excellent that I went back and bought more. It is definitely a wine worth trying.

  3. Volunteer-run http://www.WineBestBuys.com rates all wines on each of the BevMo 5 cent sales and issues a free newsletter that gives a consensus of all published ratings of the wines. They have shown statistically that Wilfed Wong’s ratings for Bevmo should be viewed as 3 to 4 points lower on the hundred point scale to be consistent with the established wine critics (Robert Parker, Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, Wine & Spirits, etc). Their newsletter on the current sale is due out any day now.

    • This is good to know. Many of the wines rating by Wilfred Wong belong only to BevMo. Exclusive labels.


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