POSTED ON April 14, 2008 | IN Paso Robles Wine Country | BY Joe Becerra

Vina Robles is a very new winery in Paso Robles wine country that just opened a new mission style facility last summer. We found Vina Robles about 3 miles from downtown Paso Robles on Highway 46 East. Vina Robles is quite an impressive winery. The tasting room is perhaps one of the most elegant and beautiful that we have ever visited. That is saying a lot because we estimate we have been to at least 400 tasting rooms throughout our travels.
One of the things that took us totally by surprise is that the Vina Robles facility here on 46 East is solely a hospitality center and not a working winery. We thought for sure, because of its size, we would find a barrel room, fermenting tanks, and all the equipment that goes into winemaking. Not so. All the winemaking is presently done at a custom crush facility. The winery is planning on building their own winemaking center in a couple of years. It will be at another location in the Paso Robles area and not open to the public. The hospitality center is large enough to host all types of events, indoors or on their beautiful outdoor patio. Everything about Vina Robles is grand. Even the parking lot is immense.

We tasted several wines and found them to be very well made. The prices of the wines range from moderate to expensive and in line with those at other Paso Robles wineries. Our three favorite wines were the Roseum, the Cabernet Sauvignon, and the Petite Syrah. We did find ourselves a fantastic deal. The dry Rose, the Roseum, was on sale for $7.15. There were making room for their next vintage and this is quite a bargain. We purchased one case and if we’d had room in our car, we would have purchased two cases. That is how much we liked this wine at that price.

If you are in Paso Robles, take time to visit this winery. The tasting room is worth the time. Next door to Vina Robles is the Robert Hall winery. This is another beauty and this facility opened a couple of years ago. Visiting both these wineries is quite an experience for Paso Robles wineries. Most of the wineries in Paso Robles are small and quaint, not Napa like. These two would definitely fit into the Napa mode.

One more interesting tidbit for this California winery, a Swiss man, Hans Nef, owns the winery and he also has a Swiss winemaker, Matthias Gubler.