September is Harvest Month in Wine Country

harvest in california wine country.

September is harvest month in wine country The 2016 Grape Harvest, also know as The Crush, is on, but the best is yet to come. With temperatures lower than normal the past week, the grape clusters are slowly maturing. That is what the vineyard growers like. A lengthy “hang time” means the grapes mature slowly, … Read more

Have you been to Sam’s Social Club?

Sam’s Social Club – cozy and fun There is a new hot spot in Calistoga. It’s Sam’s Social Club, just on the outskirts of Calistoga’s main business district. It’s next to the Indian Springs hotel and, if fact, Sam’s Social Club is owned by Indian Springs. Sam’s Social Club is very cozy, both inside and out. Outside … Read more

Topping off a wine barrel

Topping off a wine barrel

Topping off a wine barrel In this photo we see the meaning of “topping off a wine barrel.” Since wine barrels are made from wood, they breathe. A certain amount of evaporation will occur in the barrels and that space is filled with the air we breathe. In order to prevent oxidation of the wine … Read more

A Day in Meursault

lunch at Des Arts

A Day in Meursault The next village over from our rental home in Puligny Montrachet is Meursault. Like Puligny Montrachet, Meursault is famous for its White Burgundy wines. We spent a day in Meursault exploring the center of town. We did this on Sunday expecting little activity. We were surprised to find many locals and … Read more