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sam's social club
Sam’s Social Club is open to anyone – cozy

Sam’s Social Club – cozy and fun

There is a new hot spot in Calistoga. It’s Sam’s Social Club, just on the outskirts of Calistoga’s main business district. It’s next to the Indian Springs hotel and, if fact, Sam’s Social Club is owned by Indian Springs. Sam’s Social Club is very cozy, both inside and out. Outside is a lovely setting, especially in the evening with the fire pit blasting away. Sam’s Social Club is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is a welcomed addition to the several restaurants located in Calistoga.  The Sam in the name is in reference to Sam Brannan, the rough and tumble guy who founded Calistoga back in the day. When we first spotted Sam’s Social Club, we thought that indeed it was some sort of club and that one had to be a member to enter. Not true, and we went there for breakfast the next morning. The interior is very cool, especially the bar area. The wait staff was swift and cordial. Our breakfast meal was well presented and tasted excellent. The price for breakfast was a little more than you would pay down the road in Calistoga at Cafe Sarafornia. However, Sam’s Social Club is more classy; whereas, the local favorite Sarafornia is more laid back and casual.

The bar at Sam's Social Club
The bar at Sam’s Social Club

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