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sip certified
sip certified
This is the Riverbench tasting room in the Santa Maria Valley. Their vineyards are SIP Certified.

About SIP Certified wineries

“Sustainable in Practice” is the mantra for wineries that have passed a thorough inspection and evaluation of their vineyard and cellaring practices. You can rest assured that SIP Certified wineries have passed a vigorous set of criteria and that they must meet the SIP Certified standard yearly. Visit them and be grateful for what they are doing for the wines they produce.

Concepts of SIP Certified

  • Farming practices that protect the workers, community, and environment
  • Social responsibility to the workers regarding wages, benefits and educational opportunities
  • Water conservation and clean water
  • Safe pest management including the use of beneficial insects, raptors, and cover crops
  • Energy efficiency and reduced carbon footprint

SIP Certified wineries are located throughout California, but most are concentrated in the Paso Robles wine country and the Santa Barbara wine country. A few wineries outside California are SIP Certified. The movement is growing and, after fifteen years in existence, the SIP Certified standard is making significant influence among all wine regions in California and beyond. When you are in wine country and you spot a  SIP Certified signpost, make sure you stop in and appreciate the efforts the winery has made to achieve this standard.

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