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Joe Becerra

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Angele is an inviting restaurant perched overlooking the Napa River at the end of Main Street. We booked a 7 pm reservation for a Wednesday night in May. The restaurant and bar were very busy when we arrived. The restaurant with a full bar is stylish and looks and feels like a place where folks just like to hang out and have a casual but elegant experience.

angele restaurant

We decided to have a cocktail, and the bar menu has some interesting and unique specialty drinks. One we just had to try was the Sage Margarita. It was deliciously refreshing and a great change of pace. What a difference a few sage leaves and good tequila can make in a Margarita.

No sooner did we have our drinks, than our server was pushing for our order. We did order but hinted to our server to slow things down. While still working on the Margarita, another server brought our wine. We had to ask him to wait to open the wine until our dinner arrived. Shortly after came Joe’s French onion soup. Joe sent the soup back to kitchen with instructions to hold off until our cocktail hour was over. We hate to be rushed and we definitely were at this point of our dinner.

angele restaurant

As far as the food, we both agreed, quite excellent and scrumptious. Janelle had the roast chicken that came with garlic potatoes. Joe had the halibut with snap peas, and a frothy prosciutto sauce. Both dishes were beautifully presented. We capped the evening off by splitting a delectable apple tart with ice cream for dessert.

Angele has a very good wine list and one very weighted with Napa Valley wines. Corkage fee is $20. The atmosphere is very fun at Angele. The restaurant is alive with people having a wonderful time. Although the service was rushed at first, for the rest of the evening we felt very relaxed. Our check came to $138, not including tip.

The Good: Delicious food, excellent wine list, great atmosphere.
The Bad: Service rushed.

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