Best Wine Movies

This is a list of the best wine movies produced.  These movies are centered around the topic of wine and all should be available for rental, streaming, or purchasing. Each of these wine movies is enjoyed best when sipping a tasty glass of wine. A list of the best wine movies This is a list of our … Read more

Sideways Movie Wine Map

The wineries that are in the Sideways Movie are in the green color. Sideways was released in 2004 and has become a cult movie and the best wine theme movie. The Sideways movie was a bonanza for Pinot Noir producers. Merlot on the other hand, suffered because the main character in the movie, Miles, ridiculed … Read more

Healdsburg to Guerneville Best Wine Country Backroad

Healdsburg to Guerneville

What is your favorite backroad in all of wine country? We have many that we like on our list, but we think this one certainly qualifies as the  best wine country backroad. As you read about the points of interest along the route from Healdsburg to Guerneville, you surely will agree and want to give … Read more

The Fine Art of Wine

We recently became aware of the wine art by artist Cecilia Anastos. Please take a minute to read her Press Release and discover her art work. You would receive a discount on purchases made through Wine Country Getaways, and you’d be supporting service dogs for adults and children with disabilities. Thank You! The Fine Art … Read more

Hitching Post – Sideways Movie

The Hitching Post in the Sideways movie If you are following the Sideways Wine Trail, you must spend one evening enjoying the Hitching Post restaurant. It is a fun and exciting place to dine. In the Sideways movie, Miles and Jack stay in the city of Buelton. Their motel is within walking distance to the … Read more

Wine Gifts for Wine Geeks

Best wine gifts for wine geeks – can’t miss ideas Coronavirus is creating stay-at-home activities. We are doing more cooking, gardening, and enjoy more wine. For the wine beginner or the veteran wine drinker, these wine tools will add fun and enjoyment to your wine activities. Give yourself or others a wine gift. These are … Read more

Napa Valley Wine Facts

napa valley wine facts

What Napa Valley wine facts you should know Before you head out on your Napa Valley wine country vacation here are some helpful Napa Valley facts. Be sure to watch the short Napa Valley Travel Tip movie at the bottom of this article. It’s extremely informative for the first time visitor. There are more than … Read more

Lompoc Wine Ghetto

Lompoc wine ghetto

    Lompoc Wine Ghetto It all began in 1998 when Longoria Winery moved into a 5000-square-foot warehouse in Lompoc for wine production and a wine tasting space. Today, in the Lompoc Wine Ghetto, there are 30 wineries with more to come. The Lompoc Wine Ghetto is a very large warehouse section where small wineries … Read more

How many bottles of wine in a barrel?

Wine Trivia – barrel facts – how much wine in a barrel Wine Trivia – how many cases of wine are made from one 60  barrel hold? How much wine can a winemaker produce from an acre of wine?  This and more wine trivia in this report. Know your wine facts. So how many bottles of … Read more

Merlot Wine Information

Merlot is very simaler to Cabernet Sauvignon. It is a lighter and mellower version of Cabernet Sauvignon. It is widely grown in California and until recent times has been one of the most popular California wines. For a variety of reasons, including poking fun at Merlot in the popular movie “Sideways,” Merlot has fallen out … Read more