POSTED ON November 7, 2015 | IN Wine Photo of the Day | BY Joe Becerra
Yountville Art Walk

When in the Napa Valley –  take the Yountville Art Walk

Yountville Art Walk

There are many cool things to do in the town of Yountville. You can taste wine, dine, shop, and walk. Now you can include the Yountville Art Walk. These photos show two works in the collection of the Yountville Art Walk. There are currently 40 pieces of sculptured art displayed, and they have been placed in Yountville over the past 5 years. The sculptures have been created by various artists and are for sale. A portion of the sale proceeds goes to Yountville Arts, which supports art-related activities in the community. You can view a map of the Yountville Art Walk at the Town Of Yountville’s Website. Another fun activity while taking the art walk is to view the amazing French Laundry vegetable garden. It is on Washington Street directly across the street from the restaurant. Finally, combine the Yountville Art Walk and vegetable garden with an invigorating walk along Yount Mount Road. It is a delightful and peaceful walk in the backroad of Yountville.  For more Yountville activities, check this quick video, Inside Yountville

yountville art walk

One of 40 works along the Yountville art walk  – “Abundance” by Peter Hazel