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Wine tasting and wine hiking in Santa Cruz Mountains


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Joe Becerra

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Wine Tasting and Wine Hiking – Picchetti Winery

Here is a nice idea, combine an outing of wine tasting with a day of hiking. This can be done at the Picchetti Winery located in the Santa Cruz Mountains in Cupertino. The Picchetti Winery is located on land owned by the Peninsula Open Space and is known as the Picchetti Ranch.

The Picchetti Winery is historic, one of the oldest in California with a founding back in the 1890’s. In 1998, Leslie Pantling took over the winery and has not looked back since. The winery is in a great location, just a short distance from the world of high tech. It is the place to get away.  The historic tasting room is very enjoyable and so are the picnic grounds.

The Picchetti Winery produces an old vine Zinfandel from vineyards nearby. The Peninsula Open Space has 3.7 miles of trails including a short jaunt on the Zinfandel Trail. Why not hike the Zinfandel Trail and then return to the Picchetti tasting room for a try of the old vine Zinfandel?

The Picchetti Winery tasting room is open daily from 10 to 5 pm. There are other wineries nearby should you like to make it a day of wine tasting. See our Santa Cruz Mountain Wine Trail for details about other wineries in the area.

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