Wine Spills — A Student’s Science Fair Project


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Joe Becerra

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This is quite a departure from our usual topic of the Napa Valley and Carneros wine country, but we thought our readers would find this posting very fascinating and helpful.

As we walked the aisles of an elementary science fair where our granddaughter attends school, one project caught our eye. The title read, “Wine Spills.” Wow, we thought, the topic of wine has come to an elementary school science fair!

removing wine stains

How often do all of us wine lovers happen to spill a drop or two of red wine? We have seen the product Wine Away at many a tasting room, but does it or any other cleaning product really do the job of wiping that wine spill away? Well, a student named Emma set out to find the answer.

Perhaps one of Emma’s parents spilled a glass of wine and could not remove the spot. That could’ve given Emma the perfect topic for her school’s science project, “What product is best for removing red wine stains?”

Emma used a small carpet and used Charles Shaw Merlot to stain the carpet. We wonder if Fred Franzia will boast about that. She used four products for her test: one was a product called Wine Out, a second was a mix of salt and club soda (our old standby), the third was Oxi-clean, and finally a mixture of dish soap and hydrogen peroxide. We are not sure where Emma got the idea for mixing dish soap and hydrogen peroxide, possibly from a Google search. At any rate this solution did the best. This stain on the carpet was invisible on Emma’s carpet display.

A few days later we wanted to know the exact ingredients Emma used and so we did a Google search of our own. We found that the UC Davis wine experts say an equal portion of Dawn liquid soap and hydrogen peroxide will do the trick. We decided it was time to mix up our solution and now we have a handy spray bottle ready for any wine spill. Thanks to Emma’s science fair project, our wine spill worries are over. By the way, we marked our plastic spray bottle “Emma’s Solution.”

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