For this fabulous Paso Robles wine country tour, Vineyard Drive Wineries, leave downtown Paso Robles, go South on Highway 101 and take the Highway 46 exit west towards Hearst Castle. Turn right onto Vineyard Drive. Here you will enter some beautiful backroads of this beautiful Paso Robles wine region. There are many wineries along the route, but these we feel will give you the most enjoyment, a good mix and a feel for Paso Robles wineries. Have a great journey on the Vineyard Drive and the “Far Out” Wineries wine route.

brecon cellar

The Brecon Estate cellar – wine tasting daily

Our selection of the top Vineyard Drive Wineries

• Opolo Vineyards – Beautiful setting, great reds
• Brecon Estates – Small production of wines, the old Norman winery
• Tablas Creek Vineyards – California’s Châteauneuf-du-Pape
• Whalebone Vineyards – Nice Zins and Syrah
• Thacher Winery- Excellent Rhones, Viognier is lush
• Rangeland Wines – well-hidden gem & worth the trek

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Winery Descriptions, Driving Directions, Tasting Room Hours

Opolo Vineyards
Take Vineyard Drive to the right off Highway 46 West, and drive 4.5 miles to Opolo Vineyards. Watch carefully for the entrance to Opolo. Take the short drive on the gravel road to the tasting room and winery buildings. It’s a gorgeous drive alongside oak trees and the vineyards. Once in the tasting room, you will be treated to the tasting of six wines. The Viognier is delicious, but the emphasis is on the reds. Be sure to try the Pinot Noir, a fruity and heavy Pinot grown on cool northern slopes of the hillside vineyards. The two Zinfandels are both excellent and worth comparing. Opolo also produces a Sangiovese, which is medium bodied and refreshing.

Tasting room open daily 11 am to 5, Phone: 805 238-9593
E-mail:, Opolo Vineyards

Brecon Estate
In 2012 Brecon purchased the Norman Winery and remodeled the tasting room and the wine selections. Where monster Zinfandels were the style at Norman, Brecon Estate has a more restrained style of wines. The wines are wonderfully crafted and include two whites, an Albariño and the Conviction, a blend of Viognier, Roussanne, and Marsanne. The reds are elegant and full of character. Brecon has a lovely picnic area.

Tasting room open daily 11 am to 5, Phone: 805 239-2200
E-mail:, Brecon

Thacher Winery
From top brewmaster to a top winemaker, that’s Sherman Thacher. A country boy at heart, Sherman decided that the Paso Robles area was the best place to set up shop for his family and to hone his winemaking skills. Thacher is a small winery, but several different wines are made, including some exciting blends like the beautiful Controlled Chaos. The wines at Thacher are all excellent, and shall we say, brewed to perfection. Thacher is just about one and a half miles from Norman on Vineyard Drive.

Open Thursday to Monday 11am-5pm or by appointment
(805) 237-0087; email: Thacher

Whalebone Vineyards & Winery
From Thacher, continue on Vineyard Drive about three-quarters of a mile. High on the hill, the winery overlooks this beautiful area known as Adelaida. The winery name comes from the whale bones and fossils found in the calcareous soils in the area. It is all about reds at this winery, Cabernet, Zinfandel, and Syrah. The Syrah wine has beautiful earthy characteristics while the Cab and Zin are delicious fruit forward.

Open Mon-Fri 11 to 5:00. Sat-Sun 10:00 to 5:30
(805) 239-9020; email: Whalebone

Tablas Creek Vineyard
Continue on Vineyard Drive after leaving Whalebone and turn left at Adelaida Road. The winery is a partnership between the Perrin Family of the famous Châteauneuf-du-Pape winery Chateau de Beaucastel, and Robert Haas, an American wine merchant. The site of the winery was chosen after a long search for a climate and soil that matched that of the Chateau de Beaucastel in France. They also wanted to use identical Rhone varietal type grapes, so the winery imported cuttings from France and grafted them on to rootstock. The result is some excellent Rhone type wines that you won’t taste at any other California winery. We recommend the tour, which is not your ordinary winery tour. Much of the tour takes you through their nursery where you will learn how they graft their vines from the original cuttings from France. One other interesting note, the grapes are all organically grown here. There is a $10 fee, that includes a logo glass, and is refunded on any purchase of wine.

Tasting room open 10 am to 4 daily, tours at 10:30 and 2:00
Phone 805.237.1231, Email, Tablas Creek Vineyard

Rangeland Wines
This is truly one of the most hidden wineries in Paso Robles. The winery is part of the Adelaida Springs Ranch, where grass-fed cattle are raised. Laird and Lisa Foshay own the ranch. Although it may be a trek to the ranch, it is well worth it. Winemaker Shannon Gustafson makes excellent wines and even better they are value priced. The views are spectacular from high on the mountaintop. The tasting at Rangeland is by appointment only and done in the home of the Forhays. To get to Rangeland you will drive along some spectacular and secluded backroads. It is a fun drive and just a tad adventurous, but your rewards will be terrific. It is about 3 miles from Tablas Creek and once you make an appointment, the Rangeland folks will send you detailed directions in an email.

Tastings by appointment only
(805) 674-9232; email: Use Website – Rangeland

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