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Travel tips Napa Valley
Travel tips Napa Valley

Napa Valley Wine Tasting Room Tips – Informative planning video

When tourist season is in full swing in the Napa Valley, it is a very busy place. More people travel to the Napa Valley than they do to Disneyland. That means crowded tasting rooms, congested roads, and packed restaurants. How do you plan your Napa Valley wine country getaway so that you can have a fantastic experience? For first-time visitors to the Napa Valley, or if you have not been for some time, watch this short video for some very important Napa Valley wine tasting room tips. You will be well prepared for a successful and enjoyable wine country getaway to this world famous wine country.

Video – Napa Valley Wine Tasting Tips – 2.5 minutes


Important Napa Valley Travel Tips

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