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Top Restaurants In and Around the Town of Livermore

Plan for lunch or dinner in the Livermore wine country. Here is are list of the top Livermore restaurants in or around the Livermore area.

The restaurant at Wente Vineyards
5050 Arroyo Road
(925) 456-2250

Garré Cafe
Lunch only
7986 Tesla Road
(925) 371-8200

Uncle Yu’s At the Vineyard
39 South Livermore Avenue
(925) 449-7000

Swirl on the Square
21 South Livermore Ave.105
(925) 477-1400

In Pleasanton

Girasole Grill
3180 Santa Rita Road
(925) 484-1001

Nonni’s Bistro
425 Main Street
(925) 600-0411

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