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top alexander valley wineries to visit
Alexander Valley, Sonoma County

The getaway to the lower Alexander Valley wineries features small and delightful tasting rooms and spectacular vineyard views. The combination of unique wineries and stunning rolling hills of vineyards is hard to match in any wine country. We highly recommend you pick up your picnic lunch at Big John’s Market on Healdsburg Ave. Continue on Healdsburg Ave for about 2 miles. Watch for the sign pointing the way to Alexander Valley Road. Turn right onto Alexander Valley Road.

Top wineries to visit in the Alexander Valley

Jordan Vineyard & Winery – High-end Cabernet Sauvignon & Chardonnay
• Stuhlmuller Vineyards – A hidden gem
Medlock Ames Tasting Room – In historic Alexander Bar
Soda Rock Winery – Historic and a fun tasting room
• Alexander Valley Vineyards – Excellent value in reds
• Hanna Winery – Best view, excellent Cabernet and Sauvignon Blanc

We recommend that you visit no more than three wineries in one day. Take in a leisurely picnic along the way.

Dining and Lodging Recommendations

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Here is a helpful book on wineries in the Sonoma area including the Alexander Valley: Back Lane Wineries of Sonoma

Jordan Vineyard & Winery

Jordan is one of the first wineries to settle in the Alexander Valley. In 1972 Tom and Sally Jordan established the winery with the intent of producing high-end Cabernet Sauvignon. Later, the winery added Chardonnay to their lineup of wines. If you are a fan of both varieties, put Jordan on your list of wineries to visit. Jordan has several options for tastings and touring for visitors. Check the website and make your choice. Heading from the center of Healdsburg, Jordan is the first winery on Highway 128, also known as the Alexander Valley Highway. Jordan is the most upscale winery on our Alexander Valley Wine Trail.

Stuhlmuller Vineyards

Stuhlmuller Vineyards stands alone on the west bank of the Russian River on Soda Rock Lane in the Alexander Valley. It is quiet and away from Highway 128. Turn right from Highway 128 on West Soda Rock Lane to the end. Stuhlmuller Vineyards has a beautiful tasting room with spectacular vineyards in front. The Chardonnay and the Pinot Noir are delicious. Stuhmuller has picnic tables and is a delightful spot to enjoy a picnic lunch.

Medlock Ames – Historic Tasting Room

Medlock Ames is a tasting room only, but one well worth visiting. The winery is off in the distance in a hilly section of the Alexander Valley. The tasting room is much easier to drive. Medlock Ames is in a restored century-old building, once known at the Alexander Store & Bar. The winery offers cheese and wine, as well as a regular wine tasting. The tasting room is a very cool and inviting place. The wines are all outstanding. Our two favorites are the Rosé and the Sauvignon Blanc

Soda Rock Winery

Sadly and unfortunately, the Soda Rock winery was destroyed by the Kincade Fire of 2019. The entire winery and tasting burned to the ground. The owners, the Wilson Family, have set up a temporary tasting room. The family plans to rebuild the winery as soon as possible. Please visit them and help them back to recovery. Please check the Soda Rock Website for additional details.

Alexander Valley Vineyards

Just down the road from Johnson’s and to the left is Alexander Valley Vineyards. This family-owned winery was purchased in 1962 by Harry and Maggie Wetzel. Shortly after, vineyards were planted and in 1975 the family built the winery and tasting room. The estate land once belonged to Cyrus Alexander for whom the valley is named. The winery produces 80,000 cases annually on 125 acres of vineyards. They produce nine different types of wines so you should find something here to your liking. Don’t pass up a bottle of the Sin Zin if it is available.

Hanna Winery

Your next stop is just a short mile away. The Hanna Winery is located to the left on Alexander Valley Road on a stunning hillside. Travel up the driveway to the tasting room that was built just a few years ago. It’s a beautiful tasting room and offers an exciting view of the lower Alexander Valley. The winery is owned by Dr. Ellis Hanna, a famous San Francisco cardiologist. The winery produces excellent wines. The Sauvignon Blancs and Chardonnays are particularly good. The 1999 Cabernet has been highly rated and is an excellent value at its price.


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Tips for your Healdsburg Wine Tour

  • You are encouraged to have a designated driver. Consider hiring a limousine or van service.
  • First time to a winery in Healdsburg? Find out what happens in a typical tasting room.
  • Are you wondering about how to taste wine? Wine Tasting Techniques
  • If you cannot picnic, enjoy a delicious lunch at one of Healdsburg’s many fine restaurants.
  • We list Healdsburg lodging.
  • Pace yourself and make a day of wine tasting. Take lots of photos to remember your wine country getaway.
  • Visiting three wineries in one day is enough to you keep you busy and content with the slow and easy pace of wine country.
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top alexander valley wineries to visit
The tasting area at Stuhlmuller Vineyards
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