Many travelers think that the Carneros wine area is in the Napa Valley. Not so, it runs along both Napa and Sonoma Counties just to the south of the Napa Valley. The Carneros wine region is much less traveled than the Napa Valley. There are many wineries and beautiful places to see along the famed Carneros Highway. Give it at least a day’s visit. The scenery is breathtaking! Choose any of the accommodations on this Carneros lodging page and you cannot go wrong.  We have two wine trails, one on the Sonoma side of Carneros, and one on the Napa side of Carneros.

Off the Carneros Highway

A Captain’s House
Larson Family Winery

Carneros Inn
4048 Sonoma Highway
(707) 299 4900

Carneros Lodging in the Town of Napa

Andaz Napa
1450 First Street
(707) 687-1234

Cedar Gables Inn
486 Coombs St.
(707) 224 7969

Napa Marriott
3425 Solano Ave
(707) 253-8600

Napa River Inn
500 Main St.
(707) 251-8500

In the Town of Sonoma

Best Western Sonoma Valley Inn
550 Second Street West
Sonoma: 707-938-9200

MacArthur Place
29 East MacArthur St.
Sonoma: 800-722-1866

The Lodge at Sonoma
1325 Broadway
Sonoma; (707) 935-6600