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Viognier – A white grape from the Rhone

  • Viognier is a variety of a white wine grape from the Rhone Valley in France.
  • It was not long ago that Viognier was a rare varietal in California. California Viognier is now a fashionable and popular alternative to Chardonnay.
  • Viognier has aromas and flavors of floral, peach, apricot, pear, and melon. On occasion, some earthiness and spice are displayed.
  • Winemakers that make this wine in three ways: Age in stainless tanks that give no oak flavors; aged in Oak barrels; aged in oaked and allowed to undergo malolactic fermentation. This process gives the wine a buttery aroma and flavor and a creamy texture in the mouth.
  • Viognier is a good food match with spicy foods, grilled chicken or fish. An oaky Viognier can be matched with white meat and cheese. Avoid oaky Viognier with light foods.

Where to Find Good California Viognier on Our Wine Trails

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