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Syrah and Shiraz

  • The Syrah grape originates from the Rhone Valley of France.
  • Syrah grows well in both cool and hot climates. A cooler climate yields a wine with more spicy aromas and flavors. Hotter climates yield a more fruity wine
  • Syrah is widely grown in California wine country. Paso Robles and the Sierra Foothills have a greater concentration of Syrah wines than any other California wine regions.
  • Syrah is a heavy wine with a dark inky color.
  • Syrah’s are aromas and flavors are pepper, blackberry, herbs, and cinnamon
  • Syrah pairs well with heavy foods. Barbequed foods as in chicken, lamb, and steak are awesome with Syrah. Spicy foods also pair well with a spicy Syrah
  • Syrah and Petit Sirah are not the same grape. Petit Sirah is a distant cousin of Syrah.
  • Syrah and Shiraz are the same grape. Australia uses the term Shiraz instead of Syrah. California winemakers also use Shiraz if the wine is made in an Australian style.

Syrah Wine Country of California

Syrahs are made throughout the California wine country. However, you are likely to find Syrahs in the Sierra Foothills and Paso Robles wine regions.

Syrah Wine Country of Washington

The Walla Walla AVA and Yakama Valley AVA are two areas where Syrah grows extremely well. Many delicious Syrah wines come from the State of Washingon.

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