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  • Sangiovese is a red wine grape that can be grown in a variety of California climates.
  • Sangiovese is the grape used in the great Chianti wines of Italy. It is abundantly grown in Italy’s Tuscany and Umbria regions.
  • Sangiovese can be a light wine or a heavy wine. The style depends on where the grape is grown and how the wine is made.
  • Sangiovese aromas and flavors are raspberry, strawberry, and sometimes spice.
  • Sangiovese wines of California are slightly acidic, with little or no tannins and thus a very food-friendly wine.
  • Some examples of foods that pair well with Sangiovese: Grilled zucchini slices coated with extra virgin oil; bruschetta, carpaccio, pastas with tomato sauce, and wild boar meat.

Sangiovese is produced by several wineries in California. Here are a few of our favorites.

Sierra Foothills

Santa Cruz Mountains

Paso Robles

Russian River

Santa Barbara

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