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  • Petite Sirah originates from the Rhone Valley in France.
  • Petite Sirah is closely related to the Syrah grape. The taste and flavors of Petite Sirah and Syrah wines are very similar.
  • Aroma – blackberry and some spice. Flavors – mouth filling and jammy blackberry, black pepper, some chocolate.
  • Petite Sirah is not petite. It is a robust wine with a dark inky color.
  • Petite Sirah pairs well with barbequed steak, ribs, cheese, and other robust foods.

Wineries on our Wine Trails that Produce Petite Sirah

Russian River Wineries – Sonoma West

Sierra Foothills

Paso Robles

Sonoma Valley

Santa Cruz Mountains

* Rosenblum has a tasting room in Alameda and Healdsburg, CA

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