Chenin Blanc in the 1960’s and 70’s was a popular California Wine. Today, only a handful of wineries in California make this wonderful crisp and delightful wine that originates from the Loire Valley of France.  Have you ever heard of Vouvray? This is a delicious wine from the Loire Valley made from the Chenin Blanc grape.

  • Chenin Blanc is a perfect choice for a picnic lunch or on a summer afternoon on the patio. It matches with light foods. Examples: Light cheese, sandwiches with light meats, salads, and white fish.
  • Chenin Blanc has many floral flavors. One can smell honey, melon,  peach and sometimes hints of grass or hay. The wine is very crispy due to the acid level of the wine.
  • Chenin Blanc can be bone dry, semi sweet, or even effervescent  depending on how the wine is made.
  • Chenin Blanc is fermented and aged in stainless tanks.
  • For the most part, California Chenin Blancs are excellent bargains and value wines.

Favorite California Chenin Blanc