POSTED ON November 8, 2014 | IN Wine Photo of the Day | BY Joe Becerra
The wine country Paella, you can do this at home

The wine country Paella –  you can make this at home

Wine Country Paella

It is Thanksgiving time and most of us talk turkey for the big feast. Why not a wine country Paella? The reason I call it that is because this is a common event among wineries to thank wine club members for all their support. This photo was taken at the Montemaggiore winery a few years back. Since there are many people present, it takes a huge Paella pan and burner to pull this off. But you can do the same in your backyard with a smaller version. All you need is to get yourself:  A nice day so people can hang with you outside as they watch you cook, a Paella burner, a Paella Pan, and the ingredients. Make sure you have plenty of good wine on hand to satisfy your guests. Since Spain is where Paella originates,  it is only fitting that Tempranillo be your wine of choice.

Where to get your equipment and ingredients for a wine country Paella

You can shop online and visit sites like La Tienda or Spanish Table. There are several choices for Paella burners and pans. They will have the Spanish ingredients you need like Saffron, Spanish Chorizo and  Spanish rice. The rest you can get at your local supermarket.

So how do you cook a Paella?

Before you make a Paella for a big crowd, you should practice once. It is hard to go wrong with a Paella. No matter how it turns out, it always seems to be a crowd pleaser. Here is a great recipe for a first-time Paella. I would also watch a YouTube video on making a Paella. There are plenty. I posted a blog several years ago about Gerard, the Paella Guy. Gerard travels all over the area and cooks up his wine country Paella. It is a treat! Take a look at the video of Gerard cooking up a terrific Paella.