Wine Country Art by Elizabeth Bollwitt


Written by:

Janelle Becerra

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We thought Elizabeth’s paintings were so beautiful and interesting that we asked her to write a guest blog.  What initially caught our attention were her wine-related works. Be sure to check out her website for these and other paintings. We hope to see more of them in wine country art galleries.


Hello, my name is Elizabeth Bollwitt. I am a self-taught artist who paints with a very organized brush stroke giving my work a flowing almost liquid effect. The viewer can then step back and abstract from the work a bit and yet the scene is intact. The paintings are completely done with colored dots. Some know this as pointillism, which is considered a science of sorts that deals with the theory of color and exact placement of that color. Respectfully, when compared to this science . . . I just blob it on there.

By layering the primary and secondary colored dots, the scenes make for some of the most vibrant colors visible to the human eye. Loving the challenge of making something out of nothing is what makes hours seem like minutes.  I like to hustle to the chair, sit down and do the work.  Inspiration, I would never get anything done if I had to wait for or romance Inspiration first. When someone says, you know what, I think that how about this, have you ever tried, when will you… I write it all down and diligently work through a long list of words and ideas that I have compiled. That is the footprint for all my artwork.

I was raised and currently reside in eastern Iowa near the Mississippi River. I have a BA in computer graphics with a background in publishing and marketing. My life centers around my kids, family, business, and painting. I also enjoy carving, photography, canoeing, tennis, target practicing, traveling and taking the Harley out for a ride.

The painting shown above is PROST (German for Cheers). The painting PROST can be viewed at V. Sattui Winery in St. Helena, CA., a family-owned winery established in 1885. The two paintings below are Sunset Flower and Shutters. To view, more please visit