Where is the Priorat?


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where is priorat
where is priorat
Typical hillside vineyard of the Priorat

Where is the Priorat wine region?

The Priorat has vaulted into one of the most prestigious wine regions of the world. It is located in Spain due west of the city of Tarragonia on the east coast of Spain. Just north of Tarragonia on the coast is Barcelona. The Priorat wine area has been awarded Spain’s highest official wine region designation, DOQ. Only the Rioja wine region has this same designation from the Spanish government. We were lucky enough to visit this astonishing wine country last Fall. If you schedule a trip to Barcelona, consider a trip to this wonderful wine country. There are wine touring guides that include plenty of places to lodge and dine. Most of the wineries in the region have touring and tasting options for tourists. The main grapes of the area are Garnacha and Carignane in the reds, and Garnacha Blanc in the whites. The soil of the Priorat area is what makes the wines unique in flavor and style. The soil is all slate, a beautiful brown color. The vines are tasked to the max and the roots travel downward in search of water and nutrients. In the photo above you see a typical hillside vineyard in the Priorat. These are on steep slopes, yet flat rows between the vines have been constructed for easy maintenance and harvesting of the grapes. Wines from the Priorat are exported to the U.S. and one can find them in most fine wine shops. We hope we answered the question, “Where is the Priorat? Perhaps you will have the opportunity to visit this amazing and excellent wine country in the near future.

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