What will it cost to taste wine in the Napa Valley in 2018?


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Napa Valley Wine Tasting Fee Index for 2019
Napa Valley tasting room fee index
Beringer has several levels of tasting wine ranging in price from $25 to $100
  • The Napa Valley is one of the hottest wine travel destinations in the world
  • Tasting wine at a Napa Valley winery varies from $20 to $100, depending upon the level of tastings
  • Many Napa Valley wineries require an appointment for tasting wines

This is the fifth year in succession that we have tracked Napa Valley tasting room fees. This is an unscientific study with a small sample of wineries. The intent is to give wine country travelers an idea of what it costs to taste wine in the Napa Valley. A trip to the Napa Valley is expensive these days. With the economy booming, Napa Valley is a fashionable getaway and a paradise for folks with plenty of splurge money.  For the Napa Valley Tasting Room Index, we have chosen the same set of wineries as last year. These are wineries on Highway 29 that are accessible and popular with tourists. The cost of the tasting is for the bottom-tier level of tasting. Many wineries have several levels of tastings of all types. Be aware that most wineries require an appointment for the top tier and exclusive wine tasting experiences.  Tasting room fees can change from one month to the next. These prices are as of March 2018.

Napa Valley Tasting Room Index 2018 – Tasting Room Fees

These wine tasting fees represent the entry-level wine tasting.

  • Alpha Omega – $50 for two reds and two whites*
  • Beaulieu Vineyards –  $30 for four wines
  • Beringer Wines – $25*
  • Grgich Hills – $25 for five wines*
  • Louis Martini – $25 for four wines*
  • Peju Province – $40 for four wines
  • Provenance –  $30 for five wines
  • Pestoni Family Estate – $20 for four wines*
  • Sequoia Grove – $25 for four wines
  • Whitehall Lane – $25 for four wines*

The Napa Valley Tasting Room Index for 2018 is an average of $29. This compares to the 2017 rate of $27.50.

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* No increase over the previous year’s tasting room fee.

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  1. I love Napa and will pay whatever they charge to taste their delicious wines! It’s our favorite place to go on vacation!

  2. I think the prices are ridiculous. They give you a sip and maybe 1/2 a glass total and have the nerve to charge ridiculous prices

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