Walling Road in Dry Creek Valley


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Joe Becerra

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Vineyards on Walling Road
Vineyards on Walling Road
Vineyards on Walling Road

Hidden wine country backroad – Walling Road in Dry Creek

Walling Road is lovely road lined with beautiful vineyard views including the one above. The road dead-ends after two miles. Frick Winery and Ramazzotti Winery are the only wineries along Walling Road. Frick Winery is open on weekends and Ramazzotti is not open for visits. Ramazzotti does have a tasting room in Geyserville and their wines are worth tasting. At Frick, Bill Frick is a Rhone-style winemaker. If you love Rhone wines, Frick is a must visit. There are two ways to get to Walling Road. From Highway 101 take the Canyon Road exit in Geyserville just north of Healdsburg. Go under the freeway and up Canyon Road. When you see Pedroncelli Winery, Walling Road is on the left.  Secondly, you can get to Walling Road from Dry Creek Road.  Turn on Canyon Road and travel up the road to Walling. More on Walling Road, a secret and spectacular backroad.

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