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visit dry creek valley
visit dry creek valley
Exploring wine country would not be complete without a visit to the Dry Creek Valley

About a visit to the Dry Creek Valley

A visit to the Dry Creek Valley will take you to mostly small, family-run wineries. These families have been farming the Dry Creek Valley for generations. Many, like the Mauritson Family, have been grape growers for years, selling their prized grapes to other wineries. In recent times, many growers like the Mauritsons have decided to use their best grapes to produce and sell their own wines. There are two main roads in the Dry Creek Valley. Take the Dry Creek Exit on Highway 101 and head west. Dry Creek Road is ten miles long from Healdsburg to the Lake Sonoma Fish Hatchery. Along the way are numerous wineries to visit. On the opposite  side of Dry Creek (which empties into the Russian River) is West Dry Creek Road. West Dry Creek Road is a serene backroad and a favorite of runners and cyclists. There are two bridges you can use to cross from West Dry Creek Road to Dry Creek Road. One is the Lambert Bridge and the other is the Yoakim Bridge. Before you begin to explore the Dry Creek wineries, make sure you purchase a picnic lunch. Big John’s Market is immediately east of Highway 101 on Dry Creek Road. They have a fabulous Deli. On Dry Creek Road, there is the historic Dry Creek General Store. It is a busy place with wine tourists and boaters heading to Lake Sonoma. We have a list of the best picnic wineries along this route.

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