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This is a guest post by H. Bruce Smith who runs Dry Creek Valley Wine Tours. Bruce suggested that I did not have enough consumer information on about the Van-based wine tours vs Limos. Upon review I agreed with Bruce and asked him to provide us with a comparison.

van-tours vs limos

Van tours vs limos.  Who has the best for the wine country traveler?

There are many benefits to booking a wine tour with a van-based service. While there are many sizes of vans, the smaller (8-15 passengers) are more likely to be of a personalized experience. Most tour companies of this size are either operated by the owner or knowledgeable staff to perform the tour.

The key word here is “knowledgeable.” Often limo drivers know little or nothing about wine, while van drivers usually are well versed, not only in wine but the region itself. You should choose an experienced tour company if you want to get a better understanding of the wines of a particular wine region.

Some van touring companies go one step further and offer wine tasting tips in order for their clients to better enjoy the tasting experience. While a limo driver may simply wait at the car, a van driver often accompanies the tasters into the winery. They often will introduce you to the winery staff, and if you’re lucky the winemakers themselves.

Much of the fun of wine touring is enjoying the vineyards in a beautiful country setting. Vans are built for this purpose. With large tinted windows and an elevated seat height, you can take in the wine country surroundings. This is in comparison to the low riding limos with small dark windows.

Finally, van-based tour companies are likely to offer complete packages. This can cover everything including a full lunch and all tasting fees. Your one cost for the tour can cover all expenseses, save any gratuity you deem appropriate and, of course, any wine you buy.

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  1. Sherrill Gray says

    My husband and I own and operate Gray Ghost Tours, a Wine and Brewery Tour business in Roseburg, Oregon. We have a 12 passenger van and feel it’s perfect to travel the back roads to our local wineries. Like Bruce at Dry Creek Valley Wine Tours, we cater to our passengers ~ sharing a short commentary about each winery or brewery we visit. We also take our guests in and introduce them to the wine owners or host/hostess, serve food, provide water and take pictures of their day to share with them via email. It’s an intimate and personal adventure that we want to share. Our age average has ranged from 25 to 70 years young and we are happy to report that our guests have been more interested in the wine tasting experience and education, not a glamorous ride.

    • Jaanelle Becerra says

      The Gray Ghost Tours sound like a wonderful way to enjoy the area around Roseburg. I ‘m enjoying a book sent to me, written by Judy Nedry, that’s
      a mystery that takes place in the Oregon Wine Country. Makes me want to return there in the near future. Like Mary, I’ve become skittish about taking a limo for just the reasons she states, so a van tour may be the way to go.

  2. Mary Beltran says

    Personally Mike and I won’t ride in limos anymore. They’re too confining and not usually very safe. They’re difficult to get in and out of, and with the recent accidents involving fires and not enough exits, it just isn’t something we would
    choose to do again. Vans are more comfortable and have better windows to enjoy the ride.