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Joe Becerra

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This is one of the most visited wineries in the Napa Valley, often receiving as many as 2000 visitors on Saturdays. We visited V. Sattui out of pure necessity. We had planned on having our picnic lunch at Saddleback Cellars but were misinformed about the picnic area. Although Saddleback has picnic tables they do not have a permit that allows visitors to enjoy a lunch at the winery. Only about 40 wineries in the Napa Valley have legal picnic areas.

V. Sattui has a very spacious picnic area and a huge selection of deli items. Rather than drive the heck all around the Napa Valley looking for a picnic spot, we decided better here than anywhere else. When you are hungry any spot will do. The problem with V. Sattui is just too many people, cars, and a very big commercial enterprise.


Despite all the crowds and the commercialism, the buildings are quite beautiful. The wines are very good. Our guests and we shared a bottle of delicious Semillon with our lunch. It was a good match with our Oakville Grocery deli items and sandwiches. Signs at each table remind visitors not to drink wines other than ones from V. Sattui and that ice chests are not allowed. We can understand the rule about the wine, but ice chests? That is a bit too much.

The Good: Historic buildings, good wine.
The Bad: Too many people, cars, and commercialism. It’s a circus.

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2 thoughts on “V. Sattui Winery”

  1. Feb. 19, 2009

    Have visited Sattui winery since mid ’80s, usually every year as it is a trip from the Midwest.
    While the picnic grounds can be full on the weekend, Sattui winery offers one of the best overall selection of wines that can be found in area. Also their deli has an excellent selection.
    But what makes Sattui winery enjoyable is there staff. They are just great in their knowledge and customer service of their wines.
    Finally if you can make it to this winery during the week it is wonderful and if it has to be the weekend a dab of patience needs to be in your your makeup but itl will be well worth the visit!


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