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Trione Vineyards & Winery opened just a few months ago on the site of the old Nervo Winery. A new modern winery was built complete with a very elaborate tasting room. The landmark of the Trione Winery is the “Old Stone Building”that once was the Nervo Winery. The structure has been a familiar sight for years and can be easily spotted by drivers on Highway 101 between Healdsburg and Geyserville. Thankfully, the Trione Family preserved the structure and restored it to its glory days. Frank Nervo Jr. had the stone building constructed in 1908 and used the building to make some wonderful wines. The Nervo Family sold the historic building and adjacent tasting room in the 1970’s to a conglomerate wine group that housed Canyon Road wines until the Trione Family purchased the property for their winery.

The Trione Family has been farming vineyards in the Russian River wine region for the past 35 years. The vineyards are located mostly in the Alexander Valley but also have some vineyards in the Russian River Valley AVA. As far as the Trione wines are concerned we tasted the Sauvignon Blanc 2006 and 2007, and thought the 07 Sauvignon Blanc was delicious. So was the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir we tasted. All the wines are well made but a bit on the expensive side. For example, the 2005 Block 21 Cabernet Sauvignon sells for $64. That $64 is way out of our wine budget.

This is hard to believe but it is a true tale. In the late 1960’s we discovered the Nervo winery tasting room along Geyserville Avenue. The stone building was closed at the time but Nervo had a small building they used as a tasting room. The wines were only sold out of the tasting room. They made a good variety of wine but what caught our attention was the Cabernet Sauvignon. The price was $1.00 per bottle. Now that fit our wine budget perfectly. Just think, you could have purchased 5 cases of the Nervo Cab with what one bottle of Trione Cabernet Block 21 costs today. How times have changed.

The folks at Trione were very nice to us. They let us picnic on their balcony on the second floor. The balcony looks out onto one of their vineyards in the Alexander Valley and it is just a very pleasant setting. The “Old Stone Building”is open and visitors can take a look around. The structure will be used for winery events, weddings, and other activities.

The tasting room at Trione is open Thursday to Sunday, 10 to 5 pm.

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  1. I used to go to the old Nervo tasting room just to buy their grape juice. It was the best tasting grape juice I have ever drunk. Do you still sell the grape juice?

  2. we used to buy Nervo champaign there. then they sold out to Geyser Peak winery, i believe as I recall they made a deal for some special handeling of their champaign. what ever happened to the champaign ? it was the best ever. is it available anywhere?

    • Wow! I did not know that. We used to buy the Nervo Cab for $12 a case. Not great but good enough. We never tried their sparkling wine but I wish we had. Thanks for this information.

  3. In the 1990s Nervo Vineyards made a basic wine called Farmer’s Table Red. Used to purchase it as well as other nervo wines by the case. It was a great tasting wine at a very affordable price.

  4. We used to purchase Winter Chill, Farmers Table Red and of course the grape juice by the case and it was very reasonable. Do you still make any of those still?

  5. I was at Ridge Vineyards Saturday for an event and one of the Zin’s that was served was called Nervo.
    Most of that wine came from Nervo’s hillside vineyards of mixed Zinfandel and Petite Sirah planted over 1 hundred ago. It reminded me about the Farmer’s Table Red I used to buy from Nervo’s winery. It was a great wine for the price.
    Frank and Marie Nervo came to the USA in 1890 and settled at the Italian Swiss Colony in Asti. Frank and Marie Nervo started their winery in 1896 and called it Venezia from their home region.
    It would be fun to go there to see the old stone winery and try the new owners wine.

  6. Back in the late 70’s I visited Nervo Winery on Redwood Hwy. in Geyserville. They sold a wonderful white blend wine. I wondered if you were making that wine and where it is sold. At the time the winery only sold it out of the winery. What is the address of the new building? Thanks

    • Marcy, I just write a blog and I have no connection with Trione or Nervo. I do remember well the white wine you mentioned. No, Trione does not make anything like that wine at the moment. The winery address I am guessing is the same as Nervo. You can see the old Nervo stone structure from the freeway.

  7. Visited the Nervo winery shortly after our wedding in 1978. Bought several cases of Country Cabernet Sauvignon 1978 vintage.Eat lunch out on some tables, the owner came out picked us some grapes and talked to us for a while. Really a pleasent afternoon that we still remmeber. My wife and I just drank one of the bottels of the 1978 vintage in recognition of our 35th anniversity. Two bottels left.

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