POSTED ON June 21, 2009 | IN Tasting Rooms, Wine News | BY Joe Becerra

It has been several weeks since we have been to the Napa Valley; perhaps the longest stretch in recent memory. We are in the middle of a kitchen remodel and our wine travels are on hold until the project is completed. We are hoping that will be in two weeks. In the meantime, while staying put, we have been tweaking our Wine Country Trip Planning tool and we hope you will use it the next time you plan to visit the wine country in the Napa Valley, Carneros, or other popular wine country regions in California.

What is neat about the Trip Planning tool is you can select wineries by region and then drill down and find wineries by features. For example, on your next excursion to the Napa Valley, you would like to visit Napa Valley wineries that have a picnic facility, are family-owned, and farm organically. With the Trip Planning tool you can select these features and others to generate a list of wineries tailored to your fancy. A vacation getaway is always better when you have a well-planned idea of where you want to go and what you want to see.

Once you have made your selections the next step is to input your starting and ending destination and the Trip Planning tool will provide a printable map and directions for your use.

Our list of wineries in the database includes most of the wineries that are open to the public with regular tasting room hours and ones that are open by appointment only. If we have missed your favorite winery, let us know and we will add the winery to our database. The same goes if you are a winery and you find yourself not listed. Just email us the pertinent information to plug into our database and we are set to go.

Since we are still tweaking the Trip Planning tool tell us what you think and how we can make it even better.


  1. Mark says

    I have never been before and am planning a first trip in the middle of August. Thanks for sharing this resource as I think I’ll need all the help I can get to beat the crowds!

    Thanks again!