POSTED ON September 14, 2006 | IN Restaurants | BY joe

It’s been a very long tine since we have dined at Tra Vigne, a restaurant icon in the Napa Valley. The restaurant is beautiful, especially at night. The lights, the gardens, the entrance way are elegant, as is the dining room itself. The interior is beautifully decorated and very inviting. Whether eating inside or in the courtyard, the dining area is very chic.


As far as the menu goes, you can still order a pizza for $15, but the main entrées are mostly over $20. We shared a Caesar salad, and for the main entree, we ordered the roasted chicken and the pork tenderloin. The wine list is huge but we found it hard to find any decent wines under $40. We settled on Markham Zinfandel for $48. Our meal was very good but nothing as spectacular as we remembered it to be on our last visits. We heard a couple of rumors, one that the restaurant had been sold by Michael Chiarello and the other that Tra Vigne recently changed chefs. Whatever the case, we thought our meal did not match our tab of $142. Don’t get us wrong, we thoroughly enjoyed our meal and the experience at Tra Vigne; we just didn’t feel we quite got our money’s worth.

The Good: Great decor and atmosphere. Service was very good.
The Bad: Food good but not great. The wine list was extensive but very few decent wines under $40 that we could find.