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Lucky us, we will be traveling for almost all of October in the wine country of France and Spain. We have rented a house for a week in both the Rhone Valley and the Languedoc region of France. Then we’ll head to Barcelona and join a group of wine bloggers for a press trip to the Monstant and the Priorat wine regions of Spain. We’ll end our trip at the European Wine Bloggers Conference in Logroño, Spain, the land of Rioja wines.

After landing at Charles de Gaulle Airport on Thursday, we did something that worked out very nicely. We thought that it would be better to begin our wine country journey as rested as possible. After landing we decided to stay at a nearby airport hotel, the Best Western. A shuttle bus at Terminal 2 F (rail station) to Paris takes travelers free of charge to all of the nearby hotels. Our hotel was just a couple of miles away in the small French town of Roissy. We were able to walk to local restaurants, dine, drink wine, and get a full night’s sleep. Getting a rental car and finding one’s way out of a maze of roads is much easier when well rested.

We picked up our rental car and traveled to Beaune for one night. Beaune is just about halfway between Paris and our rental home in the Rhone Valley in the town of Vaison La Romaine. We should spend more time in Beaune, perhaps on our next trip to France. In Beaune, the day was very gloomy with overcast skies and constant rain. We spotted a small amount of harvesting in the vineyards. The proprietor at a wine shop in Beaune told us that what is left to pick are just a few good grapes. 90% of the crop was lost earlier in the summer when a huge hailstorm hit the area. 2012 was also a very bad year, and two years in a row is devastating to less-established wineries in Burgundy.

image of Beaune wine shop
Grand Vins de Bourgogne

While staying in Vaison La Romaine, we have appointments at several Rhone Valley wineries that are about an hour or less in driving time north and south of our home base. We are very excited about these visits.

The second week we will be at a home in the small village of Caunes-Minervois. We stayed there for a couple of nights in 1994 and loved the charming town and surrounding area. We ate at a spectacular restaurant at the Hotel D’alibert. The place is still there and operated by the same family. We are hoping the restaurant is as good as it was in 1994. In the Languedoc, we do not have any winery appointments. Instead, we will be adventurous and scout the nearby wineries. The person who we are renting the home from in Caunes says that many small and interesting wineries are open without an appointment each day of the week, except for Sundays. Languedoc has changed a great deal since our visit in 1994 in terms of wine quality. Many wineries have recharged their vineyards and several young winemakers have moved into the area, bringing modern winemaking techniques to this traditional wine region. The prices of Languedoc wines remain reasonable and we are very excited about being able to explore this vast region that contains more vineyard land than any other wine region of France. We hope to be able to visit O’Vineyards, having met winemaker Ryan O’Connell in 2011 at the European Wine Bloggers Conference in Italy.

We will return our rental car at the Narbonne train station and then board a non-stop train to Barcelona. There we will meet our press trip host and the other wine bloggers for a three-night adventure to wineries in the Monstant and Piorat regions. This part of the trip is a very rare opportunity to get acquainted with the fantastic wines from this region. This will be a small group of 18 wine bloggers who get an intense look at both of these wine regions that are making amazing strides in wine quality and production.

The final leg of our trip is the 6th annual European Wine Bloggers Conference, now renamed the Digital Wine Communication Conference. Wow, I love that title. It’s much more impressive than Wine Bloggers. At any rate, we are expecting to have an exciting and educational time that began in Beaune and will end in Logroño, Spain. Please stay tuned to our adventures in the days ahead.

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    Joe Becerra has been traveling to wine country and enjoying wine since 1965. He is a retired educator, and now have the time the opportunity to share his wine travel experiences through this Website.

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  1. Sounds like your adventures are off to a good start! Looking forward to doing some armchair traveling with you..

  2. So glad you’re following our adventures! Can’t believe we wake up every morning to the ruins. It’s interesting to see how they look in different lighting throughout the day. They’re dimly lit during the night. Had a great day yesterday in Avignon and have our first winery appointment today.

  3. So much good information about how you are going about your journey. I am most interested in pictures of the wineries you visit and the people you meet. Your posts are so much fun to read and get tips from. Keep them coming.

  4. We’re missing you here in BGame but glad to see you’re having a great time and visiting all the places you’ve wanted to see.

    • Thanks! We also miss you both and wish you were here in France. We visited Chateau Mont-Redon today and enjoyed the town of Chateauneauf de Pape.

      Joe and Janelle

  5. Exciting to see your picture of Vaison. We can almost taste your pleasure from your blog. Marilee recorded the wine we had several years ago at Hotel D’Alibert in Caunes Minervois — “Domaine Cros” if that makes sense. Our best to Freddie, if he is still the proprietor.

    Sam and Marilee

  6. Great to hear from all of you. We have yet to visit the ruins in our backyard, but maybe today. Will give regards to Freddy!

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