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Well-Equipped Wine Geek – Wine Tote Bag

The Well-Equipped Wine Geek will need at least two or more types of wine tote bags, sometimes called wine carriers. Most often a wine tote bag will be used to bring a special bottle of wine to a restaurant. Please see Corkage Fees or Bringing Wine to a Restaurant. If it’s not bringing wine to a restaurant, it’s bringing some great wines to a dinner party. Why not share some of your best wines with your friends? Impress them with the wines and the type of wine tote bag that carries your wine.

Most wine tote bags are insulated. This is perfect for white wine. Chill the white wine at home and bring it with you in your insulated tote bag. The photo above shows the two tote bags we use most often. The neoprene green wine tote bag is convenient because, after bringing your wine to a restaurant or dinner party, it can be tucked away in a purse or jacket pocket. Many a time we have left our wine tote bag at a restaurant or friend’s house. A little wine will often make you forget things.

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How to make your own wine tote bag

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