POSTED ON November 21, 2016 | IN Well-Equipped Wine Geek | BY Joe Becerra
white wine insulator

The handy white wine insulator – keep your white wine cool

The Well-Equipped Wine Geek – White Wine Insulators

The Well-Equipped Wine Geek must have one or two white wine insulators. A white wine insulator is a much better alternative than placing a white wine in an ice bucket. White wine and Rosé wine are best if they are in a temperature range of 50 to 60 degrees.  A good white wine insulator will be able to keep your wine at the correct temperature over the course of an evening dinner. If you have a large gathering of guests, the Well-Equipped Wine Geek will have more than one white wine insulator.

Serving the wine between 50 to 60 degrees will allow the white or Rosé wine to bring out its fresh fruit and floral characteristics.  If the white wine is served too cold, the wine drinker will not be able to experience the subtle flavors and characteristics of the wine. Too warm, and the white or Rosé loses its refreshing and clean features.

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  1. Dede Histand says

    I couldn’t open the “Here are some ideal white wine insulators” to see which one was featured in your photo. Would you send me the name of the brand of that cooler, please? Where did you get it?
    Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!
    Dede and Mike (back in Moss Beach, CA for the winter)