POSTED ON November 14, 2016 | IN Well-Equipped Wine Geek | BY Joe Becerra

The waiter’s corkscrew and the two-pronged Ah-So wine opener

Two essential corkscrews – Do you have both of these?

The Waiter’s Corkscrew

The Waiter’s Corkscrew is the most commonly used screw to open a bottle of wine. It is convenient, quick, reliable and trustworthy. It might take a few trials for the novice to get the hang of how to use the waiter’s corkscrew. But once that trial period is over, you will be just as good as anyone opening a bottle of wine. Watch the video to see how to use the waiter’s corkscrew. We also provide a couple of links to waiter’s corkscrews we like at Amazon.  Please see the Amazon links at bottom of the article.

The Ah-So or Two-pronged wine opener

The Ah-So or two-pronged wine opener is essential for the wine geek for certain cork situations. It is not a corkscrew because it does not have a worm. Instead, it has two blades that you can wiggle back and forth down the neck of the wine bottle. Two of my friends have a serious collection of aged wines. The cork in old wines tends to shrink and deteriorate over time. If you use a waiter’s corkscrew on these wines, you are likely to push the cork into the bottle. The Ah-So will allow you to slip and slide the blade, and then pull the cork up without a hitch. When my friends bring one of their aged wines to a restaurant, they always bring their Ah-So with them. Most waiters don’t have them. My friends also insist that they open their bottle. Many a waiter has botched the cork pull, with much of the cork ending up in the wine.

Another reason for using the Ah-So is that you might wish to have a cork collection of your wines. A wine cork will look much more presentable without the hole made by the waiter’s corkscrew. You should be able to find an Ah-So at a good wine shop, but you can also order one from Amazon. The Ah-So or two-pronged wine opener also makes a great gift for your family and friends who enjoy wines. Check out the video below demonstrating the use of the Ah-So. See the link below to purchase an Ah-So.

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