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Cheese tools for the wine geek

Well-Equipped Wine Geek – Cheese Tools

Cheese and wine go hand-in-hand. How nice it is to sit in a comfortable chair with a book, a glass of wine and some cheese. Life can’t get much better than that! When entertaining guests, what can be easier to serve but a selection of soft and hard cheeses along with good wine? The Well-Equipped Wine Geek should have a variety of cheese tools.

The Well-Equipped Wine Gift will have the appropriate cheese tools for presenting and serving cheese. Open a bottle of chilled white, Rosé or sparkling wine, and serve with a set of different types of cheeses, hard or soft. Open a bottle of light red and serve with some tasty hard cheese.

Rule of Thumb: Always have a chunk of cheese on hand in the refrigerator for when you want to savor a glass of wine just before the dinner hour. My favorites are Manchego and Fontina. I like the Manchego at Costco and the Fontina from a local store within walking distance of my home.

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Pass the cheese please
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